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  • Leaving Home Vacation Checklist

    Personal-insurance-Kinghorn-Hilton-Head beach feetSummer is the perfect season to get away with the family and enjoy a new place.  Whether you are going to spend a week in the tropics or an extended visit to the mountains; it is essential to remember some important details to keep your home safe while you are away.  This isn’t just about locking your doors; we have some great money saving tips that can help you to relax worry free during your trip.

    Set Your Thermostat:

    Why waste the energy to keep your house cool when you are unable to be there to appreciate it? Depending on the age of your home it typically takes up more energy to turn it off completely and reboot your AC to your desired temperature when you return.  Set your thermostat to 80 degrees that way your home can cool down when you arrive but is not unnecessarily blasting cool air throughout the house.

    Close the Blinds, Draw the Curtains , and Lock the Windows:

    Kinghorn Home InsuranceAnother great way to preserve energy is keeping the sunshine out while you are away.  Windows offering visibility into your home not only allows an opportunity for unwelcome eyes to snoop inside your home but it also allows the heat of the sun to warm the house causing your AC system to work harder to keep it cool.  We normally remember to lock the doors when we leave the home but how often do we check the windows? Make sure you don’t forget this possibly entry for a potential burglary.

    Turn Off All the Lights:

    Don’t forget the hallway light and the fans that may be running throughout your home.

    Turn Off your Water Heater:

    Also, shut off the circuit breaker to the water heater. If you have a gas heater, turn the gas valve off to be safe. Upon returning home, the hot water tap should be allowed to run before the power and gas are turned on to make sure the water tank isn’t empty. It can damage the unit if the tank is heated without any water in it.

    Unplug Electronics:

    Before the family leaves, someone should walk around the home and unplug every unnecessary appliance and electronic. These are like “energy vampires”. This doesn’t just include the television, lamps, and entertainment center. Small electronics like electric razors, coffee pots, digital clocks, and cell phone chargers all drain energy when plugged in. Nothing needs to be moved, simply unplugged. This not only saves energy, but also eliminates a possible fire hazard if there would be a power surge while no one is home.

    Check The Mail:

    Make sure you have gotten all of your mail; there could be a potential missed bill or other important items you don’t want to risk getting stolen.

    Inform Your Neighbors:

    Talk to a few of your trusted neighbors and let them know you will be out of town. If they see any suspicious activity they know to contact you immediately.

    Lock All the Doors & Shut Garage:

    Top and bottom lock for every single door, that includes the back door and any upstairs doors that lead to the outside.

    Enjoy your trip:

    Now you can relax and spend time with your loved ones knowing your home if safe and you are saving a few bucks for some extra fun vacation spending!

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