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  • Financial Planning

    You’ve worked hard to earn your money. Do you know the best ways to protect it? At Kinghorn Insurance Agency of Pee Dee and surrounding areas, we offer South Carolina financial planning services throughout the state. We provide a range of financial planning services including 401k, annuities, investment counseling and wealth management solutions. You can consult with our experienced Financial Planning Advisors to determine the best strategy for your assets. Give us a call today to get your financial future on the road to success.

    South Carolina Financial Planning Services

    Kinghorn Insurance Agency of Pee Dee Area offers SC financial services that will help you battle the uncertainty of investing.

    When planning for your future, it is important to know how to invest the money you work so hard to earn. There are seemingly unlimited options that may seem indistinguishable to the untrained eye.

    But with the help of Kinghorn Insurance Agency of Pee Dee Area, you can get help with South Carolina financial planning services! We offer professional advice that can help you take the nest egg you already have and build it with a portfolio that will meet your investment needs.

    We help our customers wade through the options of Annuities, stocks, mutual funds, ETFs and more. The best part is that you don’t need to know anything about finances to get through the process! With the help of one on our South Carolina Financial Planning Advisors, all you need to know is how much you need to retire!

    Contact us now, and we can start discussing how our South Carolina financial services can help you! The sooner you talk to us, the sooner we can get you on the path to retirement!

    You can always speak to a local Kinghorn Insurance Agency agent to learn more about insurance coverage options, or talk about your other insurance coverage needs.

    If you would like a free, no obligation South Carolina insurance quote, there are many ways to obtain one! Fill out our online quote form, call us, or stop by one of our offices.


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